If one of our wetsuits are found to be defective or flawed even under proper care, we reserve the right to make a judgment call on whether we will repair it, replace it.

The final decision will be at the sole discretion of our customer service and quality control departments.

In order for our department to proceed with the evaluation,  you must return the wetsuit clean and dry with the original purchase. You also need to include an attached description of the defect. You can also send us an email outlining the defect to us at info@epictidesocal.com 

A representative will be assigned to follow through from start to finish of your wetsuit issue/resolution.

  • The duration of the warranty is one year from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty covers materials and construction only.
What our warranty DOES NOT cover:
  • Damages caused by anything else that is not considered a defect in the materials or craftsmanship.
  • Damage ensued by improper care of your wetsuit. Your wetsuit is an investment and failure to show it the “proper love” will result in deterioration.
  • Always store your wetsuits in cool, dry places. 
  • Any wetsuits that were on clearance and sold from a secondary source.
  • Wetsuits that are used for any other purposes other than yourself.
  • Normal wear and tear. (See our blog post on what is considered “normal”).
  • Your bladder/hydration bag. You may purchase a new one under the accessories tab.
    Should you decide to repair your suit on your own, we cannot warranty that item. We will not fix your work or anyone else’s.
*Our wetsuit is inspected for a final time before it is packed and sent out at the time of order, as well as along the developmental process.*
  • Hydration/Bladder Bag:
  • Every wetsuit comes with one hydration/bladder bag. Please respect your bag as it will last you quite a long time should you show it “proper love,” and keep it clean (See our blog post on how to care for your bladder bag). Our bladder bag is intended for H20 and your hydration.