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We noticed that many "big" brands were selling mediocre products at extraordinary prices.

We felt we could do it better. We searched the globe for the right materials, finally settling on Yamamoto Neoprene from Japan. If you know anythig about Japan, everything they touch is methodically created with great care as a matter of national pride.

From there, we had to choose the best seamstresses to build the suit. Again, we scoured the globe finding a company that can perform to our standards.

Then we talked to a ton of surfers, kite surfers, and wind surfers. We took their input and incorporated their wishes into our products.

18 months later, we presented our new products to some of these people and they were amazed. Then we asked them to try them and get back to us.

They were all blown away. They all agreed that the suit was superior to and morw comfortable than any suit on the market even close to our prices.

The truth is that many of surf brands we've grown up have been sold off, absorbed into investment companies that manage multiple fashion/apparel brands, many of which have stopped innovating and are trading only on their brand name.

We know we're disruptors but we're passionate about what we do.

The Amazing Yamamoto Neoprene

"Why I chose Yamamoto Neoprene for my Epic Tide wetsuits", can be summed up in 3 sentences:
#1: Yamamoto neoprene is the highest quality neoprene in the world;

#2: Therefore wetsuits made with Yamamoto neoprene are the highest quality wetsuits in the world;

#3: And because I sell direct to divers instead of through dive shops my high quality Epic Tide wetsuits actually cost less than non-Yamamoto wetsuits made with lower quality Chinese neoprene and they last much longer.

Here are some interesting facts about Yamamoto that I would love to share with you:

Did you know that Yamamoto neoprene is made from Limestone? That's right. Unlike other neoprene that is made from petroleum Yamamoto neoprene is made from eco friendly Limestone. Why is this important?

It eliminates skin irritation.

It is warmer.

It is more stretchy.

It is more durable.

It is more impermeable.

How is this possible? It's simple.

Both Yamamoto Limestone neoprene and petroleum based neoprene are made up of independent cells which basically act as air bubbles packed together to provide insulation.

However because Yamamoto uses Limestone instead of petroleum the limestone neoprene has over 30% more air bubbles than the oil based neoprene. This means the Yamamoto suits are 30% warmer. This increase in warmth means you can wear a thinner suit and still stay warmer and more comfortable in the water for a lot longer.

In addition to being 30% warmer Yamamoto suits have 30% more stretch than oil-based suits. How is this possible?

Again it's because there are 30% more air bubbles in the Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene.

This increase in tiny air pockets makes the Limestone neoprene a lot less dense which means it has a lot more stretch than oil-based neoprene suits which have a lot less air pockets (higher density).

This increase in stretch means you will have a much better fitting suit. It will be much more ergonomically form fitting with less bulk. And equally important the increase in stretch also translates into longer breath holds and longer bottom times as well as a major increase in overall enjoyment when diving.

Without getting too technical there are a few other important differences between Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene and the oil based Chinese neoprene that I would like to point out.

I mentioned above the Limestone neoprene is comprised of tiny air bubbles. Well that is not exactly accurate. The bubbles are actually individual cells filled with Nitrogen Gas (not air) which provide amazing heat retention and an increase in efficiency.

Spearfishing wetsuits made with Yamamoto neopreneIt is important to note that the Yamamoto neoprene has a much higher nitrogen cell content than competing materials. And this high cell ratio found in the Limestone based Yamamoto neoprene also results in lower water absorption and increased durability over petroleum based suits.

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We have the best wetsuits in the world. A bold claim, right? You can read about this elsewhere on our site but it comes down to the material we used. This material is made only in one country, in one factory and we have the exclusive. 

We’ve tested dozens of other manufacturer’s suits over the years and we were never satisfied – until now. 

Every person who has tried our suits have come over to our brand.  

We accept returns if items are damaged and exchanges if you don’t like the size. Call our office to arrange an exchange. 

You can call our office and talk to a rep about your measurements and we can recommend the best size for you. 

Damaged items are no problem. Call us to arrange an exchange. 

If your item is lost in transit and past its delivery date, first contact the carrier. If they don’t give a date commitment or cannot locate the item, call us so we can initiate a claim. 

The best way to care for these garments is to rinse them with fresh water. Be sure not to use salt water or water from home water softeners that use salt pellets for the osmosis process.

Hang them in a dry area, but do not store them in direct sunlight.