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Manta wetsuit

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Color — BLACK

MANTA wetsuit

Epic Tide’s brand-new-for-2021 MANTA wetsuits incorporate all of the latest advancements in our Eco-friendly Yamamoto Neoprene. A fleece inner lining provides additional warmth.

This wetsuit is different from our Tarifa suit in several ways:

For starters, the advancements in the Yamamoto Neoprene allow us to eliminate the fleece lining found in the Tarifa wetsuit. Because of this, the Manta wetsuit provides greater flexibility and better mobility than the Tarifa. It’s also better insulated to provide thermal protection.

Another great advantage is that the Manta wetsuit is much easier to rinse out.

Like our Tarifa wetsuits, the Manta wetsuits are designed with minimal seams for a streamlined fit. All Epic Tides Wetsuits are double glued and blind stitched with taped seams. A neoprene tape is placed strategically within the wetsuit to reinforce entry points. This provides additional warmth without adding bulk and so it’s still lightweight without sacrificing durability. The combination of these elements yields better stretch characteristics unique attribute that sets us apart from the rest.

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Mens Manta wetsuit