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Our Ambassador program is essentially an affiliate and sponsorship program. This is a two-way street. Each party helps the other. We provide ever-increasing discounts as our ambassadors expand their social media audiences. The more followers and exposure you get, the bigger discount with the goal of a full sponsorship of products and for those or are competing in Pro or Pro Am competitions, cash bonuses. 

In addition, we give you the opportunity to make more money.

We set you up as an "affiliate" and you get a coupon code to share with other surfers. When they buy one of our wetsuits, they get a big discount and you get paid a commission.


In order to be seriously considered you’ll need a few things:

In order to be seriously considered you’ll need a few things:

1. At least one social media channel with at least 1,000+ followers and that social media channel should be already populated with many posts featuring your participation in surfing/watersports competitions.

2. Some proficiency in producing visual content – taking and posting good photos and/or videos of your surfing-related activities.

3. A schedule of events for the coming season in which you intend to compete.

4. Some sort of recent history in competitive surfing/watersports events.

If you’re serious and interested in working with an up-and-coming surf company,  please fill out the form below. 



Our Ambassdor Program is really a sponsorship, of sorts.

You will visually represent our brand, philosophy, and lifestyle. Specifically, over the course of a 1-year period we ask that you:

Create and post a minimum of 3-4  images or videos per month featuring Epic Tide Wetsuits and post these to your social media accounts.  We value your uniqueness and creative freedom to produce content that you know your audience will love.

Share images/video with us via email/dropbox/google/etc. so that we have access to high quality versions of your content.

Tag us in your posts (on both the image and in the caption).  Instagram is our primary focus, followed by Facebook, TikTok,  and Twitter.  If you have a blog, or a YouTube channel, we would greatly appreciate you showing some love there as well.

Spread the word using hashtags and thoughtful messages. 

Occasionally share/repost our content (pictures, promotions, contests, etc.) at least twice per month.

Make sure your account is public!

Distribute flyers or business cards that we give you to help spread the word in the “real” world.  This doesn’t have to be an aggressive effort – do what makes sense and what you’re comfortable with.  For example, keep a few in your car in case somebody asks about your wetsuit after your surf session.  Or, if you have a favorite local shop that seems like a good fit for us, leave them some info and encourage them to check us out (or send us their info and we’ll contact them!)

Optional things you can do to help support us include mentioning us in your social media bio, blogging about us, posting more than the minimum 6 required posts, referring/recommending us to retail stores, helping us promote at events, and helping answer community questions on our social pages.


Your Benefits

We will use your photos in our social media and advertising and you will be invited to exclusive photo shoots with pro photographers.

Depending on your engagement and brand involvement, you will earn increasingly discounted and/or free products in exchange for your efforts.

We’ll give you a discount code to purchase Epic Tide products at a discounted ambassador rate, as well as a unique discount code to share with your friends and followers (e.g., YOURNAME45 for 45% off).  

Your actual discount will depend on many factors.The goal is to work you up to the free product level. 

When/where it fits our message, we will repost your content, helping you to gain new followers and recognition.

A sponsorship program is a two-way street. Sponsoring our ambassadors has value to both parties.


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